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Garbage doesn’t go into the oceans

During the first days of May 2021 the whole world was captivated by the news of an out of control rocket re-entering Earth’s orbit. This fact was the main topic of conversation in hundreds of countries around the world. Projections of where and how a rocket of more than 20 tons would make contact with Earth had the world’s population in suspense for days.

When it finally made contact with Earth by falling into the Indian Ocean, we observed something with which we don’t agree. The media in many countries interpreted the fact of falling into the sea as a positive event which did not harm anyone.

At Old Surfer we are very aware of the consequences that human waste has on the marine world. Pollution and waste generated by the trash we throw into the sea affects the lives of thousands of species, including our own.

That is why a few days after this happened we decided to make this video, sharing our point of view regarding the gravity involved in seeing our oceans as places where we can throw away anything without consequences. Because #OceanDayIsEveryday and we must understand that garbage doesn’t go into the oceans.

Music: Provided to YouTube by TuneCore Wonder · Generdyn