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By Sustainability


Travelers have become increasingly aware of their ecological footprint, so they have begun to demand sustainable practices from the travel industry so as not to affect the balance of the places where they choose to vacation. “Enjoy a place yes, harm it no” seems to be the motto of the new type of traveler that is already being expressed in the logarithms of search engines around the world.

And if there is anyone who knows search trends, it is Google. In fact, in Google Trend the search for “green hotel” has quadrupled since 2020, and that is why the company has made the decision to provide a tool that meets this need, the Eco Certification of hotels on its Google Travel platform.

How does it work?

Google uses the following terms and definitions to align hotel sustainability practices: energy efficiency, water conservation, sustainable sourcing (organic and/or locally sourced food and beverage) and waste reduction.

By clicking on the “green certification” link, travelers will be able to see the details of the establishment’s specific sustainable practices, which will be uploaded and updated by the hotel’s own staff using the free Google My Business profile.

Google currently recognizes 28 independent certification programs to establish green credibility. These include Green Key, Leed, Green Seal, Green Globe and the Green Growth 2050 Standard.

This tool not only responds to the needs of a more conscious and committed traveler, but also offers more transparency against so-called “greenwashing”, where brands and institutions claim to care for the environment without any evidence in order to capture this growing demand.

At Old Surfer, we exist to unlock the latent sustainability in businesses and brands. That’s why these types of initiatives excite us. Remember, the next time you go on vacation, Google Travel is a reliable tool to help you find a place that cares for its environment and resources.