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Tri Marine + OldSurfer We are on the same ship.

By Sustainability

We are very proud to officially announce the beginning of our relationship with Tri Marine, the world leader in sustainable tuna. After competing with four US agencies, we won the opportunity to work with Tri Marine. Yes! A sustainable company both in the ocean, and in the most distant communities of the world. A true lighthouse for people like us who work day by day as agents of change.

Today we are creating a big new wave with Tri Marine, a pioneering company, which has been in the fish business since 1972, innovating and bringing together a wealth of knowledge, relationships and experience. A dedicated team of industry experts with offices around the world.

Old Surfer -the full team- is more than happy and excited to be working with a brand that believes and works in the same way as we do: “Sustainability means more than just protecting fishery resources. It is also about our communities.”

It’s not about words, it’s about actions with the highest positive impact: “Tri Marine is implementing industry-leading sustainability policies that emphasize collaboration with a range of stakeholders in the private, public and non-profit sectors.”

We are Old Surfer and yes!, they’re the perfect partner for us in order to maximize our efforts in sustainability. “Tri Marine sources and promotes responsibly caught products – those from abundant fish stocks, caught in ways that minimize ecosystem harm.”

Tri Marine’s activities include fishing, trading, processing and marketing with global offices and operations.

Welcome Tri Marine, thank you for trusting us.
Now we are on the same ship.

Old Surfer.
Sustainability Unlocked.