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Terra Carta

By Sustainability

Old Surfer proudly supports the Terra Carta from HRH the Prince of Wales


But what does it mean?
The Terra Carta provides a roadmap to 2030 for businesses to move towards a more ambitious and sustainable future: one that will harness the power of Nature combined with the transformative power, innovation and resources of the private sector. The global business proposition outlines ten areas for action and comprises of nearly 100 actions for business as the basis of a recovery plan that puts Nature, People and Planet at the heart of global creation.

About the Terra Carta
Deriving its name from the historic Magna Carta, which inspired a belief in the fundamental rights and liberties of people over 800 years ago, the Terra Carta aims to reunite people and planet by giving fundamental rights and values to Nature, ensuring a lasting impact and tangible legacy for this generation.

In the words of HRH the Prince of Wales:
“The ‘Terra Carta’ offers the basis of a recovery plan that puts Nature, People and Planet at the heart of global value creation – one that will harness the precious, irreplaceable power of Nature combined with the transformative innovation and resources of the private sector.” HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS THE PRINCE OF WALES

Prince of wales

But what does it mean for us at Old Surfer?
It’s a clear sign that we’ve been on the right path since establishing our purpose: unlocking sustainability in businesses, brands, companies and governments. It is an honor to be included among the 447 highest-level local and global companies dedicated to sustainability, including BANCO SANTANDER, BANK OF AMERICA, DIAGEO, IBM, L’ORÉAL, PEPSICO, SIEMENS, UNILEVER, XEROX. We’re equally dedicated to working locally in support of the United Nations SDG2 -Zero Hunger. In Guatemala, where the child malnutrition issue is serious, we’re working with Granjazul on a variety of projects, including helping to advance Granjazul Plus, a nutrient-enriched egg. Our purpose is unlocking sustainability, whether globally or locally.

There is no Planet B.
Based on our experience with the most diverse companies in the world, we have discovered the urgent need for sustainability to be taken seriously in all sectors, with its success depending on the consumer. For this reason, we feel very grateful and honored to be included in Terra Carta. This recognition validates the path we’ve been on locally and globally, surfing the most rewarding wave of all, which is sustainability.

The first egg with the UN seal

By Sustainability

The first egg with the UN seal deserves recognition.

Suddenly a wave takes us to Guatemala and from there we begin to create a new wave with one of our clients, one that fills our stomachs and hearts.

A bit of context: Guatemala faces two serious problems that determines its present and blocks its future. On one hand, it is one of the countries most affected by climate change at a global level and on the other, there is advanced child malnutrition. Starting with this reality and as if it was in a superhero movie, Granjazul appears – a poultry company that more than 50 years ago imagined a 100% Guatemalan farm that is capable of producing the freshest and highest quality eggs.

Granjazul Plus

Today, exceeding that dream, Granjazul is determined to work for more: to achieve zero hunger in Guatemala and we have what we need to achieve it. Granjazul is already on the sustainable path of solutions using a process where everything is recycled and regenerated to create an egg enriched with Iron, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamins A and D, in order to deliver the most complete and healthy solution naturally. It is something that can only be achieved by beginning with the nutritious care and feeding of chickens, before they begin to produce eggs.

With such a powerful egg and a brand that dared to dream, the Old Surfer team developed with Granjazul a strong strategy of a sustainable circular economy, thus sealing our commitment in three key pillars to help solve the problems of Guatemala which are malnutrition and climate change. The three pillars of the SDG objectives according to the UN are: first and most important is Zero Hunger involving human and animal nutrition. The second is Health and Wellbeing and the third is Responsible Consumption and Production.

Thanks to actions throughout the production chain and under the highest international quality standards, we can proudly say that we are the most important and healthy source of protein in Central America and we are supported by the UN global pact.

Of course, being the first egg with the seal of the UN global pact is already a prize but it deserves to be news. An achievement like this leads us to believe that Granjazul deserves recognition as an agent of change in the next Latin America Green Awards. We will present this case of sustainability as an example of revolutionary work in the industry. The case will be presented to a jury of specialists in the Communication category, which focuses on SDG 2 Zero Hunger and SDG 12 Responsible Consumption and Production.

Welcome to the Eggvolution.
Old Surfer
Sustainability unlocked
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