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world ocean day


By Sustainability

Old Surfer’s new wave for #WorldOceanDay

This year, as every year, in Old Surfer, keeping in mind our commitment to enhancing our role as change agents, we prepared an invitation to adjust some behaviors for World Ocean Day. As every year, it is an action without any kind of business interest beyond reinforcing our commitment with a cause that involves all of us: reducing the impact of our waste in the oceans.

However, this year it will be better, we will reach more people and the voice of the ocean will be heard. Because this time, we prepared an action that, besides raising awareness, will give everyone a funny tool to contribute with their grain of sand towards the big change we are trying to make. In order to accomplish this, we have an inspiring video that will lead us to put ourselves in the place of marine life, specifically a dolphin, one of the most endearing creatures from the ocean. This video is just the beginning, in addition to what the dolphin tells us in its own language, we created a tool that will allow all internet users to put themselves -literally- in the place of those who live in the ocean.

How? We created an Instagram filter that, when framing your face with the frontal camera of a cell phone, the face of a dolphin will be activated and when you open up your mouth, you will be able to speak with dolphin noises and share one of the messages we have available for you. This World Ocean Day we invite you to join us in a funny way while we collaborate to spread a message that becomes more necessary and essential every day.

#DolphinsForOceans #WorldOceanDay #WorldOceanDay2021