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Always moving, like waves

We are constantly looking for new forms of knowledge, always trying to be at the forefront of sustainability. We are interested in brands, especially the ones that day after day work hard to include products or concepts that are sustainable from the root. No matter how big or small, each and every company has its place and can be equally memorable.

Design, cooperation, and sustainability
This is enclosed in the Green Product & Concept Award 202, an international contest that takes place annually since 2013, where sustainable and innovative products and services compete. In addition to that, this is also considered a platform for networking. It is directed toward established companies and also new ones.

This year, the main topic is “Future Town”, it is about a new life and a sustainable lifestyle.

As a new feature this year, new concepts presented by students, start-ups, will be awarded. #greenproductaward The goal of this award is to create a group of ecologic solutions for consumers and buyers, to give visibility to the products, and help the producers with marketing.

We want to give visibility

We selected 3 competitor brands that we consider should be awarded.

1.Ecological Meeting Place Finder – Germany

Reduces CO2 footprint by 40%. SDG 13 – Climate Action

Participant’s mobility and accommodation represent 85% of the CO2 footprint of every event; by smartly selecting meeting place and time, participants’ trips can be optimized in order to reduce the total footprint even by 40%. Company: CONVIEN GmbH

2.Mini Micro Deluxe ECO – Switzerland

This Kids’ Scooter is made of oceanic recycled plastic. Complying with the SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production.

Every year, approximately 640.000 tons of fishing nets and other equipment are left in the ocean. Part of this waste is collected in landfills and recycled later. We use this material to manufacture our kids’ Micro sustainable scooters. The platform and the brake of the Mini Micro Deluxe ECO are made of recycled fishing nets and other plastic waste.

Company: Micro Mobility AG

3.Eucalyptus Bedding – Germany

Top-quality sustainable eucalyptus bedding. Complying with the SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production.

100% socially fair, produced in Europe with 95% less water and 30% less energy.

Company: OOMAY Home UG

3. Eucalyptus Bedding - Germany

These are only a few examples of sustainable brands or companies that deserve to be awarded.

We already voted!

Digital Ceremony

You will be able to witness the live event on April 14th at 19:00 hrs.

1,461 participants from 51 countries have enrolled for the Green Product & Concept Award 2021. Under design, innovation, and sustainability aspects, the best 100 products for today and 100 concepts for tomorrow. The winners will be announced, they were selected by an international jury in 12 categories and others were selected by public vote.

If you are not able to follow the digital ceremony, visit our Instagram account @oldsurfer_ and we will add posts of the winners in our stories on April 16th.