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Digital Transformation of the #1 Whiskey Brand in LatAm

The changing ways of connecting with consumers, the increasingly restrictive legal regulations and, starting from a social initiative briefing about a great concert, we transformed the communication of the brand to create its first Digital Ecosystem, allowing us to become their digital partners of the last decade.


When we started working with Diageo for Buchanan’s, we started without any digital presence for the brand. From that moment on, we decided to create a conversational space by creating a digital communication ecosystem to promote a concert and a social initiative, Time to Share. With the concert being the main advertising product, we used that as a reason to make their first website and the first social media community for Buchanan’s. The excuse for the concert was the launch to generate a critical mass of people that allowed us to reach half a million in just 3 months. From that point on, as digital partners of the brand, we built their digital experience through multi-country campaigns, new technological developments, channels, etc.

One of the most important steps in communication, to become the most consumed and most remembered whiskey in Latin America and for U.S. Hispanics, is to manage their digital media in a transformative and innovative way.


Along with various of the Diageo brands, we have been pioneering for several years in digital actions for the category and for what we know today as the Digital and Social Media universe.

We transformed their presence in digital media from the first moment, in Web, Social Media, Apps on Facebook, Social Media Experiences, Digital Content and of course, with our Transformational Story, to digitally land the concept of brand in this exciting market.

At Old Surfer, we are very proud to be pioneers in the digital transformation of the #1 brand of Latin American whiskey.



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