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By Old Surfer


Latinoamérica Verde is one of the most important sustainability festivals of the world, and every year, awards and gives visibility to the best 500 social and environmental projects in Latin America, thus becoming the showcase that boosts the green economy by displaying regional efforts in 8 categories aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

A year of development 

8 categories are presented and, as an improvement, this year subcategories were expanded to 19 to include more projects in the awards.

Learn about categories and subcategories:

  • ENERGY CATEGORY: targets projects that work with energy production and management systems that focus on reducing socio-environmental impacts.
  • SUBCATEGORIES: Accessibility to energy and Clean energy
  • BIODIVERSITY CATEGORY: targets projects that focus on maintenance, protection, and recovery of the most important resources for our life.
  • SUBCATEGORIES: Oceans, Water, Forests, and Wildlife
  • CITIES CATEGORY: targets projects that offer a better life quality to inhabitants, preserving resources and social justice for present and future well-being.
  • SUBCATEGORIES: Innovation and Infrastructure, Mobility and Rural Community 
  • WASTE CATEGORY: targets projects related to responsible waste handling, like categorization, treatment, recycling, and others.
  • SUBCATEGORIES: Solid waste handling, Recycle and Reusable Products
  • ECONOMY CATEGORY: targets projects based on a socio-economic and financial system prone to social welfare, with environment-friendly companies.
  • SUBCATEGORIES: Sustainable production, CircularEconomy and Finances
  • HUMAN DEVELOPMENT CATEGORY: those enrolled in this category must focus on human development and population well-being, no matter the format.
  • SUBCATEGORIES: Education, Community, Equality, and Health
  • COMMUNICATION CATEGORY: targets companies and traditional or digital platforms that inform and raise awareness of climate emergency and of the millions of people that are working for the essential balance between human beings and nature. Projects must show a commitment to the environment. Campaigns or pieces that reflect an impact on communities or regions.
  • PUBLIC POLICIES CATEGORY: projects focused on innovative practices that improve socio-environmental management procedures, development of sustainable and accessible cities, as well as proposals and implementation of changes, regulatory measures, laws, and others.

We highlight the new Communication category, where projects that reflect that communication plays a key role in changing socio-environmental paradigms were registered.

More awards

Priscilla Torres, Executive Director of Latinoamérica Verde Awards, explains that after analyzing and thinking of agents of change and their projects, they noticed that in 2021 they should open more spaces and be more inclusive. There are cross-cutting issues for all the projects but there are also new needs that should be considered.

Unlike previous editions where 30 finalists were selected and 10 projects were awarded, this new edition changed the format, 63 finalists will be selected from eight categories and 21 projects will be awarded. Also, four additional prizes will be awarded: Prize to scalability, to the audience, to effectiveness, and to innovation.


For the participants, the event becomes an opportunity to show their ideas, connect interests and develop contact networks that boost responsible and environment-friendly innovation and entrepreneurship.

Besides letting entrepreneurs in this field know they are not alone, workshops and programs are provided to promote these projects.

Who are we?

We, Old Surfer, support these proposals and we are proud to say that this year we are going one step further, because our CEO, Xavier Rubio Franch, is Spain’s communication ambassador

Meet the ambassadors

Link, ambassadors video:

Our goal, besides spreading the word, is to encourage and motivate the participation and enrollment of more projects.

We are ambassadors, distributed all over the world and we will follow up closely with these projects, to support, help, and praise the talent and the commitment put in them because #Wearethechange (#SomosElCambio).

Starting on April 1st we will know the nominees and on May 3rd the finalists, however, we will have to wait until August 22 to know the winners.

This year 2,517 projects were registered.

Good luck to all of you!