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Ocean Day, a day to connect with the First Community of Story-doers in action for the Oceans.

Four years ago we decided to start a journey, to create a wave to tell the truth, we never imagined it would grow so much. It was that first World Ocean Day in which we felt that, as old sustainable wave surfers, we had and wanted to do something special. It always went well for one simple reason, we bet on the selfless support of the digital community to spread awareness, to generate empathy for marine life and to mobilize whoever had the will to do their bit for the oceans. But this year we went much further and took a key step to connect agents of change in the world who, in one way or another, dedicate their efforts in favor of the seas, the oceans and all life in them. We started by connecting Trash Peak – the company that produces surfboards from plastic material recovered from the sea – with Més que Surf, the enterprise that helps children with autism to improve their lives thanks to the waves, surfing and a lot of service. So, it was on this World Ocean Day, we invited others to be inspired and thus, to go from telling to doing.

We are moving from Story-Telling to Story-Doing, that is why we created the platform Ocean Connections, it is dedicated to all those who want to join us to multiply our efforts.

The video was launched in the morning and during the day we received 100% organic distribution, to the point of becoming featured content throughout the day with the two main hashtags #WorldOceanDay and #WOD2022. The video was shared by celebrities like Valentina Ferrer (Influencer and J Balvin’s partner), she shared her stories the same day she walked the red carpet with her partner at the Time Magazine Gala in New York before the eyes of the whole world. Exciting! But the day brought us more surprises! We also had the support -on Instagram and Twitter- of Omer Yurtseven, star of the NBA’s Miami Heat and someone who is committed to sustainability. Influencers from Canada, the USA, Argentina, Mexico and Europe also joined us. It was enough to draw the attention of different media from around the world such as The Independent, Yahoo News and the Spanish version of Yahoo News among other digital spaces dedicated to the same cause that connects us all.


Today the door is open because Ocean Connections is a reality and an invitation to all those who have something to contribute, or simply for those who feel the need to join and be part of the first community of Story-doers in action for the oceans.


By Old Surfer

2021 has passed and for #OldSurfer it was an unforgettable year, full of waves to celebrate.


– We started 2021 with a new client, Tri Marine, a world leader in the sustainable TUNA industry.

– We are the only agency in the world that conducted a global study on consumer behavior and sustainability, with a base of more than 5,000 interviews that generated press in media outlets such as Forbes, Adlatina, etc.

– We obtained two Bronzes in the Green Awards, the largest sustainability festival in the world, something like “the Oscars of sustainability”. The first Bronze award was with Granjazul Plus, the first egg in Central America endorsed by the UN. The second Bronze award was for the #SmileWithYourEyes case, an initiative that emerged during the pandemic and became a movement that is still active.


– We entered the European market as the integrated agency for the U.S. and Canada for the Government of Catalonia and also won the largest European positioning project for sustainable growth with the “Choose Europe” initiative. It brings together 12 of the most important cities in Europe that are leading the conversation around business and sustainability, thus becoming experts for our clients’ most important target in Europe; the C-Suite.

– For the third year in a row, we led the PR conversation on World Oceans Day, this time adding engagement with our #DolphinsForOceans campaign.

ocean day, oldsurfer

– We created a new sustainable business model through consumer behavior: The Nudge.

– We launched #SustainabilityWaves, our own cycle of interviews with change agents who will lead sustainability conversations around the world in the coming years.


– We were chosen by the International Egg Commission (IEC) to run their global #Vision365 campaign.

– We are a member of #TerraCarta, the Prince of Wales’ global initiative for companies committed to sustainable change.

Prince of wales

And although 2022 has just begun, we are already finalists with Granjazul and the first sustainable female soccer team in Guatemala and Latin America in the Green Awards in the category of Human Development / Health. Yes, we were selected from among 2,600 cases!


Let’s go all out for an even bigger 2022, because this is sustainability and everything we have lived, achieved and learned, will serve us for whatever comes our way in the future. Thank you from the entire #OldSurfer team! #SustainabilityUnlocked.

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By Old Surfer

Thank You 2020

The year started with the WHO declaring COVID-19 as a pandemic. We were facing the most difficult year we had lived, but we were not ready to give up. We exist to free the latent sustainability that lives in businesses and brands, that’s our goal. We started to work to help, more than ever, our clients during this delicate situation and also to, as a company, contribute with our grain of sand.


Supported by, we started to work and initiated the process towards sustainability and circular economy.

We transformed the dream of one biggest egg producers in Central America into a goal. The goal of reaching zero hunger in Guatemala, meeting the UN’s SDG 2. More than 100 thousand eggs were donated to vulnerable zones and zones affected by the pandemic. Where access was more complicated, deliveries were made by helicopter, to ensure the food was given to the people that needed it the most.


In Mexico, together with Bonafont, we launched a campaign encouraging support between women under the concept of “Light and together, we can”.

We continue reconstructing the place of women in the history of Mexico, with a digital campaign launching 32 labels honoring Mexican women that gave everything for Mexico, but only a few remembered them.

We ran the biggest women race in the world, to fight and to try to eradicate gender-based violence suffered by women. And even though the pandemic prevented us from running the race in person, we transformed one more time and ran online, giving voice, visibility, and fulfilling the UN’s SDG 5.

It is said that we shouldn’t quit fights, and we believe so. That’s why, we continue, once again, creating the first Bonafont campaign supporting diversity on Gay Pray day, using the hashtag #AligerémonosDeEtiquetas (#Freeyourselffromtags) and launching a product without tags, labels, and judgment, free and fulfilling the UN’s SDG 10.

And COVID-19 was still in our life, sweeping away everything in its way, making us think about how we could help. From that, we came up with the idea of a campaign, to donate water, sanitizing gel, and masks with Bonafont, at the same time we offered mental health tips, meditation, and other activities on social media, in order stay vigilant. All of this under the motto of “Together we make Mexico stronger” and fulfilling the UN’s SDG 3.

We also wanted to be there, with actions and words of support, for the heroes of this pandemic, doctors, nurses, and health workers in general. We sent them appreciation and empowerment messages thru Bonafont water bottles. 

While trying to keep our strength, we also worked to help others keep their jobs and source of income. Together with Juizzy and the campaign named #LaRutaDelTacoDesdeCasa (#TacoRouteFromHome), we helped small taco shops to continue working during the pandemic, a lot of them even increased their sales.

COVID-19 was still very dangerous in different ways, with the approval of the UN, we teamed up with Bonafont intending to give visibility to the increased gender-based violence against women during the pandemic lockdown. We created the hashtag #NoEstásSola (#Youarenotalone) and facilitated a hotline for women.

Time went by, and not everyone could stay home, we launched a new campaign under the concept of “We move forward, protected inside and out”, nothing can take our smile away.

This is where the campaign #SmileWithYourEyes (#Sonrieconlosojos) started, it was presented to the UN, we proposed to smile with our eyes, some other clients and brands joined us along the way.

We are sure that 2020 was not easy at all, but we have not lost, not even for a second, the enthusiasm nor the energy to move forward.

Humanity web

We launched the site Humanity web, the goal of the site is physical health, but also to pay attention to the health that comes from wellness and balance.

2020 was a challenge for all of us and at Old Surfer, we transformed it into something really special, and we also gave voice to those who do not have it. We created #WeWereFish, to celebrate World Ocean Day, which became viral just a few hours after launching, also in 100% organic media.

We created awareness, we became a trend, we supported the change, we delivered help, and we linked interests and needs.

We can be proud of our 2020 accomplishments, because, even though we had to say goodbye to beloved ones, we will remember them forever. We have grown as a team, and as complex sustainability matters experts.

During the hardest year ever, we can proudly say we have accomplished our goal. Old Surfer.


By Old Surfer


Latinoamérica Verde is one of the most important sustainability festivals of the world, and every year, awards and gives visibility to the best 500 social and environmental projects in Latin America, thus becoming the showcase that boosts the green economy by displaying regional efforts in 8 categories aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

A year of development 

8 categories are presented and, as an improvement, this year subcategories were expanded to 19 to include more projects in the awards.

Learn about categories and subcategories:

  • ENERGY CATEGORY: targets projects that work with energy production and management systems that focus on reducing socio-environmental impacts.
  • SUBCATEGORIES: Accessibility to energy and Clean energy
  • BIODIVERSITY CATEGORY: targets projects that focus on maintenance, protection, and recovery of the most important resources for our life.
  • SUBCATEGORIES: Oceans, Water, Forests, and Wildlife
  • CITIES CATEGORY: targets projects that offer a better life quality to inhabitants, preserving resources and social justice for present and future well-being.
  • SUBCATEGORIES: Innovation and Infrastructure, Mobility and Rural Community 
  • WASTE CATEGORY: targets projects related to responsible waste handling, like categorization, treatment, recycling, and others.
  • SUBCATEGORIES: Solid waste handling, Recycle and Reusable Products
  • ECONOMY CATEGORY: targets projects based on a socio-economic and financial system prone to social welfare, with environment-friendly companies.
  • SUBCATEGORIES: Sustainable production, CircularEconomy and Finances
  • HUMAN DEVELOPMENT CATEGORY: those enrolled in this category must focus on human development and population well-being, no matter the format.
  • SUBCATEGORIES: Education, Community, Equality, and Health
  • COMMUNICATION CATEGORY: targets companies and traditional or digital platforms that inform and raise awareness of climate emergency and of the millions of people that are working for the essential balance between human beings and nature. Projects must show a commitment to the environment. Campaigns or pieces that reflect an impact on communities or regions.
  • PUBLIC POLICIES CATEGORY: projects focused on innovative practices that improve socio-environmental management procedures, development of sustainable and accessible cities, as well as proposals and implementation of changes, regulatory measures, laws, and others.

We highlight the new Communication category, where projects that reflect that communication plays a key role in changing socio-environmental paradigms were registered.

More awards

Priscilla Torres, Executive Director of Latinoamérica Verde Awards, explains that after analyzing and thinking of agents of change and their projects, they noticed that in 2021 they should open more spaces and be more inclusive. There are cross-cutting issues for all the projects but there are also new needs that should be considered.

Unlike previous editions where 30 finalists were selected and 10 projects were awarded, this new edition changed the format, 63 finalists will be selected from eight categories and 21 projects will be awarded. Also, four additional prizes will be awarded: Prize to scalability, to the audience, to effectiveness, and to innovation.


For the participants, the event becomes an opportunity to show their ideas, connect interests and develop contact networks that boost responsible and environment-friendly innovation and entrepreneurship.

Besides letting entrepreneurs in this field know they are not alone, workshops and programs are provided to promote these projects.

Who are we?

We, Old Surfer, support these proposals and we are proud to say that this year we are going one step further, because our CEO, Xavier Rubio Franch, is Spain’s communication ambassador

Meet the ambassadors

Link, ambassadors video:

Our goal, besides spreading the word, is to encourage and motivate the participation and enrollment of more projects.

We are ambassadors, distributed all over the world and we will follow up closely with these projects, to support, help, and praise the talent and the commitment put in them because #Wearethechange (#SomosElCambio).

Starting on April 1st we will know the nominees and on May 3rd the finalists, however, we will have to wait until August 22 to know the winners.

This year 2,517 projects were registered.

Good luck to all of you!

International Women’s Day

By Old Surfer

A cross with a head. You can say, with good reason, that it is a basic perception or an impulsive interpretation, but at Old-Surfer we did not see only a cross with a head in the female symbol. Yes, we know that formerly, this symbol represented the goddess Venus or Aphrodite, an allegory of beauty and love, a graphic synthesis of this attribute of the goddesses. But coming back to the present, you can see this “female” symbol everywhere: on book covers, necklaces, t-shirts, even in emojis, and always in reference to the female gender. Somethings change for the better, and today the symbol is a representation of feminism, the pride in being a woman, and the pride in sisterhood. Either way we still saw a cross with a head, we are a company that loves transformation and that is why for International Women’s Day we put legs on it.

Why legs? Because it is much more than a symbol, it expresses a movement. The idea of an International Women’s Day emerged at the beginning of the 20th century. The activists wanted to establish a special day for the fight for women’s rights worldwide, as a date to remind people of gender inequalities in society.

But in 2021 -according to the UN-, the year’s theme for International Women’s day is: “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”, and “celebrates the tremendous efforts by women and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.”

As we can see, it is a symbol that has grown throughout history and shows that it’s a living and active movement. One that advances day by day, so yeah, we think an icon like this which has become the representation of a movement, needed legs. Legs to stand up and fight for equal rights, legs to move and run for women’s rights for decision-making in all areas of life such as equal pay, equal sharing of unpaid care and domestic work, an end to all forms of violence against women and girls, and health-care services that respond to their needs. The world has made amazing advances during our history, but in the meantime according to the UN, “legal restrictions have kept 2.7 billion women from accessing the same choice of jobs as men. Less than 25% of parliamentarians were women, and one in three women experience gender-based violence”.

Let’s make 2021 count for women and girls everywhere. Let’s do it again like the last time, when at Old Surfer we contributed with our work to the digital communication of “Carrera Bonafont” the largest women’s race in the world, created by the best-selling water in Mexico to contribute -as a change agent- for equal rights for women.

Today, on International Women’s Day, we are ready to run again for equal opportunities for Mexican women, and for women from all over the world. Today, we want to promote our efforts for the movement and share with you a new empowering perception for this gender symbol. As G.D Anderson said, “Feminism is not about making women strong, it is about changing the world’s perception of that strength.”

#8M #IWD2021#WomensDay8march