Catalonia competed against strong and well-positioned cities in attracting American and Canadian companies investing in the region. In addition to the fact that its main target did not have a clear reference of where it was located, since it was a region and not a city, it needed to create a positioning that would mark its competitive advantage in a clear and forceful way, as well as its main messages to generate attraction and first conversations with decision makers from the C-Suite of American and Canadian top tier companies.


Barcelona – Catalonia already has large, medium and small companies in the Gaming, Automotive, Life & Sciences and ICT sectors that are investing and expanding their businesses there. In addition, Catalonia has several untapped strengths as an investment location for foreign companies with an extraordinary lifestyle that contributes to the quality of life of the people who go to live there.

How do we take advantage of all of these resources, strengths and opportunities to make Catalonia known as the perfect place to invest, given that not everyone knows where it is located?



We conducted strategic research to better understand our target, the C-suite, and with it to download a communication campaign to attract investors from the U.S. and Canada positioning Barcelona-Catalonia as Southern Europe’s Hub for business and life, through our Vision & Vibrancy concept where we merge business with lifestyle. We made visual communication with representative emblems of the region, making a link with Barcelona and tapping into phrases and testimonials of investors, managers and CEOs of companies already established in Catalonia.

We conducted an analysis and strategy of the media to develop this campaign since it is a complicated niche target. We created a landing page and whitepapers with quality information about the advantages of investing in Catalonia, collecting data from the C-suite through native forms to create leads and therefore, making possible contacts to close deals with the sales force. LinkedIn, Google Ads, Programmatic and Search were our allies in this effort.