RUBI Tools


RUBI Tools is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of machinery and tools for the cutting, installation and maintenance of ceramic tiles. The company is present in more than 120 countries and has an important network of subsidiaries and branches around the world but is mainly recognized in its country of origin, Spain. RUBI had a great challenge, despite having all these credentials, positioning and recognition from installers, it was not able to connect with one of its main markets: the United States. In short, connecting with the American market became the focus and main challenge of the campaign.


Thanks to market research we identified the key triggers in our main target in the U.S.: installers. From this research we observed that the tools had a strong emotional link and tradition in the American market. We had to build an emotional bridge with them to overcome the barrier that existed with non-US brands. We needed to generate a new connection by appealing to emotions, to the world that surrounds the American installer in terms of heritage, pride and the tradition of a worker who values a job well done, with the best tools available.


The results went beyond our expectations, as our audience not only connected with our message, but the launch was a success in the American market.


of the times the video was activated, users finished watching it. This was a great result since our video had an average duration of 4 minutes, and this only meant one thing: we were able to connect with our audience in an emotional way. We had more than 44,000 views with only the launch video.


We had more than 44,000 views with only the launch video.


We surpassed our own target of views, ending up with 102% total views of all the videos of the campaign (planned views: 115,263 vs. actual views: 117,934).


We were able to generate more than 53% qualified leads, in a market where we had never been able to connect before.

All this with a modest budget for a market as competitive and extensive as the American one. And most importantly, the brand continues to gain recognition and positioning in the American market, making the launch of the DT-10in MAX a success.


  • Digital campaign in different digital platforms such as Facebook, Google, Programmatic.
  • POS materials for different exhibitions and trade shows.