Abandoned fishing nets are the most lethal pollution to the marine ecosystem. About one million tons of nets end up in the oceans every year, harming mammals, fish, turtles and birds – often resulting in death. “Ghost nets” are one of the most serious and complex problems in marine pollution and there is no clear way to solve it.


The initiative and objective of the project is to create a solution and sometimes the best solutions are born outside the context in which the problem is located. In this case, we provided a solution to a problem by connecting it to a hoop that is a passion for millions: basketball. And we have a spokesperson with the potential to make this project a major success.


Ömer Yurtseven, the NBA player, arrived in the USA from Turkey to play his first season in one of the most important leagues in the world, the NBA. His debut under the nickname “The Gladiator” attracted the attention of the media and the fans, but Ömer brought something else in his luggage: a desire to join forces with sustainability.

But how can we generate credibility in a new player and how do we turn him into the spokesperson for sustainability in the NBA?

Combining Ömer’s willingness to promote sustainability and our goal of positively impacting marine pollution, the concept was born: Swish for Change.
Swish, for the sound of the ball hitting the net and Change, because with this initiative every basket is a score for sustainability. So, we launched the idea with two goals in mind: the environment and the community. We will accomplish that by transforming disused fishing nets into basketball nets that will no longer pollute our oceans and by then taking those basketball nets to the communities that need them most.

Swish for Change is the result of a joint effort. A sustainable Dream Team consisting of: Ömer Yurtseven, Old Surfer, the Sustainable Consumption Foundation -all focused on changing consumer behavior towards sustainable habits-. And Ecoballution, a certified supplier of the nets and responsible for collecting 6.5 tons of restored nets, they also work with the NBA in the remodeling of urban courts and the delivery of basketball nets to courts and schools in 12 countries.

The project was launched on social media on June 8, 2023, during #WorldOceanDay in order to generate a massive impact on such an important date.


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