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Thank You 2020

The year started with the WHO declaring COVID-19 as a pandemic. We were facing the most difficult year we had lived, but we were not ready to give up. We exist to free the latent sustainability that lives in businesses and brands, that’s our goal. We started to work to help, more than ever, our clients during this delicate situation and also to, as a company, contribute with our grain of sand.


Supported by, we started to work and initiated the process towards sustainability and circular economy.

We transformed the dream of one biggest egg producers in Central America into a goal. The goal of reaching zero hunger in Guatemala, meeting the UN’s SDG 2. More than 100 thousand eggs were donated to vulnerable zones and zones affected by the pandemic. Where access was more complicated, deliveries were made by helicopter, to ensure the food was given to the people that needed it the most.


In Mexico, together with Bonafont, we launched a campaign encouraging support between women under the concept of “Light and together, we can”.

We continue reconstructing the place of women in the history of Mexico, with a digital campaign launching 32 labels honoring Mexican women that gave everything for Mexico, but only a few remembered them.

We ran the biggest women race in the world, to fight and to try to eradicate gender-based violence suffered by women. And even though the pandemic prevented us from running the race in person, we transformed one more time and ran online, giving voice, visibility, and fulfilling the UN’s SDG 5.

It is said that we shouldn’t quit fights, and we believe so. That’s why, we continue, once again, creating the first Bonafont campaign supporting diversity on Gay Pray day, using the hashtag #AligerémonosDeEtiquetas (#Freeyourselffromtags) and launching a product without tags, labels, and judgment, free and fulfilling the UN’s SDG 10.

And COVID-19 was still in our life, sweeping away everything in its way, making us think about how we could help. From that, we came up with the idea of a campaign, to donate water, sanitizing gel, and masks with Bonafont, at the same time we offered mental health tips, meditation, and other activities on social media, in order stay vigilant. All of this under the motto of “Together we make Mexico stronger” and fulfilling the UN’s SDG 3.

We also wanted to be there, with actions and words of support, for the heroes of this pandemic, doctors, nurses, and health workers in general. We sent them appreciation and empowerment messages thru Bonafont water bottles. 

While trying to keep our strength, we also worked to help others keep their jobs and source of income. Together with Juizzy and the campaign named #LaRutaDelTacoDesdeCasa (#TacoRouteFromHome), we helped small taco shops to continue working during the pandemic, a lot of them even increased their sales.

COVID-19 was still very dangerous in different ways, with the approval of the UN, we teamed up with Bonafont intending to give visibility to the increased gender-based violence against women during the pandemic lockdown. We created the hashtag #NoEstásSola (#Youarenotalone) and facilitated a hotline for women.

Time went by, and not everyone could stay home, we launched a new campaign under the concept of “We move forward, protected inside and out”, nothing can take our smile away.

This is where the campaign #SmileWithYourEyes (#Sonrieconlosojos) started, it was presented to the UN, we proposed to smile with our eyes, some other clients and brands joined us along the way.

We are sure that 2020 was not easy at all, but we have not lost, not even for a second, the enthusiasm nor the energy to move forward.

Humanity web

We launched the site Humanity web, the goal of the site is physical health, but also to pay attention to the health that comes from wellness and balance.

2020 was a challenge for all of us and at Old Surfer, we transformed it into something really special, and we also gave voice to those who do not have it. We created #WeWereFish, to celebrate World Ocean Day, which became viral just a few hours after launching, also in 100% organic media.

We created awareness, we became a trend, we supported the change, we delivered help, and we linked interests and needs.

We can be proud of our 2020 accomplishments, because, even though we had to say goodbye to beloved ones, we will remember them forever. We have grown as a team, and as complex sustainability matters experts.

During the hardest year ever, we can proudly say we have accomplished our goal. Old Surfer.