Eggs were being affected by the negative sentiment produced by bad practices in the meat and animal protein industry.


Eggs are one of the strongest and most complete foods: for their ability to combine and mix with ingredients, for their high nutritional benefits, for their accessibility and above all, for their flexibility and simplicity. We were able to capture this in an iconic image of the egg, uniting the industry under the same idea.



We created a challenge that demonstrates its strength, highlighting the egg’s capacity for blending, both for ingredients and for people from different contexts, countries and social strata. The campaign appeared in the context of the UN’s World Food Day 2021, which declared the egg as a “Star Food” for the quality and value of its nutrients and at the same time, its availability with real solutions for hunger, malnutrition, development of rural communities and the planet.


We succeeded in raising awareness of the nutritional importance of eggs, based on the cohesion of the industry and the need to promote the value of one of the main animal proteins.


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