Granjazul, a complete case of sustainable transformation.

Rarely do you have the opportunity to grow as much with a client as we have been able to do with Granjazul. We started with their corporate definition and transformation, creation of their purpose and identity as a group, development and implementation of their sustainability strategy, as well as making those strategies tangible in platforms, actions and campaigns, both for their internal audiences, strategic partners, corporate clients and even the end consumer. We have accompanied them in the complete transformation of their business, with the great satisfaction of seeing them reach beyond the limits.


Being one of the best sources of protein was not enough. We had to do something to bring this solution to all the children in Guatemala. That’s when we discovered that in Guatemala, two out of two children like soccer. We understood that soccer could be an excellent platform to bring sustainable nutrition and so we created The First Sustainable Women’s Soccer Team in Guatemala.

The Deportvo Amatitlán Femenino, a team of girls with the ability to represent sustainability, nutrition and at the same time, gender equity.

Alliances have been generated to educate about proper nutrition through this platform and that is how we achieved the support and knowledge of nutritionists from the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala who will contribute with nutrition classes, egg-based sports diets and a balanced and healthy diet, as well as performance measurements and improvements in the body of the players.